The Polo Motor

The Polo 930-4 crankcase is manufactured to the highest standards of foundry process and metallurgy. The foundry we use is the best in the business and the same one used by Donovan, Shelby, Fontana, Shaver, Chrysler Hemi and Arias. Only 100% Virgin ingot is used throughout and the metal is heat treated with two different aerospace processes.

Our crankcase also incorporates five main journal supports for added strength. The oil to the crankshaft is routed from the front to the back as in the 911 standard and has an added oil passage at the center main.

Machining is completed by state of the art C & C machine and tolerances are held to the same strict standards of a factory prepared 911 crankcase. The Polo crankcase will accept parts from different vintage 911 engines and has been fitted with many of the later air cooled model updates.

Included in the Polo 930-4 kit


One Crank Case

The Polo crankcase is stronger than any original 911 six crankcase from any production year. We incorporate special alloys to the 356 T6 aluminum prior to casting, then the case is given an aerospace heat treatment, making it extremely dense and durable. A costly process for sure, but one we are proud to include.

One Crank Shaft

The Polo crankshaft is cut from a solid English version 4340 cromolly billet known as "Kryptonite". This is the alloy of choice for almost all AA top fuel drag cars as well as most Nascar teams.

Two Camshafts

The Polo Camshafts are machined billet with a factory 993 Club Sport grind.
Oil Pump Drive

One Oil Pump Drive

This is a coupler for the oil pump to intermediate shaft, made by a computerized wire machine that makes the internal splines.

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Motor Building

Motor Building

Polo Motor 2.0 ltrs to 2.8 ltrs
(High performance 356, 912 upon request).
Paint And Body

Personalized custom work

Vehicle disassembly and reassembly

Paint and body

Plating, coating and hardware



Suspension replacement and upgrades
Brake calipers and rotors upgrades
Box Trailing arms
Dual master cylinder
Offset link pin bushings
Sway bars
Dry sump oil tank and lines
Transmission hoop modification
Front oil cooler
Trans hoop bosses (weld in) aluminum 901 transmission
901 Shifter reverse lock out
901 Short shift



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